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 A Summary of options for beginners from people whom are learning to do it yourself (DIY) for the purpose of DIY. If you want someone else to take care of your debt elimination please check James Martinez here

Mission: to help those who are looking at finding the best Debt elimination and Freeman/Sovereign options in order to realise freedom. Freedom from the Banksters and there Administrators ie the tyrannical profit driven Corporations known as Governments (which are corporation's hence their corporate profit motives and some with devastating costs ie The US Corporation and the UN). We will provide many self help links to video's, forums, web-pages, Book's, DVD's, seminars, meetings for those looking for a guide through the mass and maze of information out there. 
DISCLAIMER: This intended for Private use only. It is not legal advice. We take no responsibility for how you use this information. We do ask that you do not take this all as fact as we are still learning as well. We strongly advise you to take responsibility for yourself and do your own investigations. Please of course let us know if we are wrong or if we can improve the information or site in any way. Consider this a community site we all can participate in constructing for the mission above. We do reserve the right to dismiss any information that we think does not serve this purpose. 

Intro to Freeman/Sovereigns & how we got here with the "Wizard Of Oz [1939]" a Political allegory of the 1929 US stock market crash (shown as the twister indicating mass confusion). The US Government went Bankrupt took the Gold from all and the system the Illuminati World Banksters have capatilised on by fraud and deception and continues now. If you choose ignorance then you will continue to be at their mercy unless you decide you want more, you deserve more, your sick and tired of the corruption, fraud, wars over perceived/manufactured lack.
These below will help you understand how we have been lead away from our rights under God/source of all creation/Big bang. I like to think we are the Gods and we create our own hell by ignorance or heaven through lack of ignorance ie information and connection with source. Some say God is Love and when we let something come between us and God/Love we end up as we have been lately living in fear, hate, lack of satisfaction/enjoyment/joy. Would you do what you do for money if you did not have to? Feeling enslaved in a system that ultimately comes between us and being in joy. The Money/Debt system has done this so well:come between us and love. Most of us do things for money.
Those that control the money supply and taxes control us. Unless we stop using money/debt and realise there are several options further below. These links below do reveal a remedy HJR192 [which i think is applicable to all Corporate Countries under the UN/IMF that took over the US Treasury watch points 2-4 here] that was kept from us to pay debts using our signature. This is known as Accepted for Value (A4V/AFV)/Return for Value (R4V/RFV). We can literally create our own money/money order/promissory note or whats known as a Bill of Exchange [links provided further below].
In fact the Banksters have been creating money from our signature not just 1:1 but up to 100x with the fractional method that is shown in great detail in Zeitgeist Adendum (2) here. This is fraud as full disclosure was not given to you when you where signing the Loan/Mortgage/Credit Card application/agreement which was actually a promissory note (promise to pay).
By right we should be able to claim the whole fractional creation as it was created from our signature. We could do this by crafting an affidavit. Watch Winston Shrout explain simply the legal power of an Affidavit similar to that of a silver bullet when unrebutted in 3-7 days it stands as the truth in the highest International law on the planet known as Commerce in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing here on video and more in Winston's 30+hours of videos here and here other videos explain the affidavit and other legal tools a private can utilise without an attorney. As attorneys do NOT act in the privates interest. There job is to profit from arguing in the public domain.
Zeitgeist 2 shows a Court case "The Mahoney Credit River Decision" December 7, 1968 that wiped the Mortgage debt because of this lack of consideration. This and another case [#03-047448-CZ] recently December 5, 2003 "Walker Todd Affidavit" goes into even more revelations since Walker F. Todd Attorney at Law worked for the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland for 20 years and is shown in Freeman Thomas Anderson's 4th Book "Taking on the Banks" [all 4 books content are explained a little here]
Now watch the Disney/Illuminati Movie
to see the hidden messages
I get best results in STAGEVU here or for a free trial involves sign up no contract and get to download video here.
Do you know who you are? Are you a Freeman or do you identify yourself with your Birth Certificate (a monopoly game player token). Watch this 44 min. video on Vic Beck on the Monopoly game:how it is rigged and how to get out here.
Now do you want to go home Dorothy?
You need to do is put on your red slippers ie. realise who you are a private creditor not a public entity/debtor. Use the red pen to show this in signing certain forms like bills with the "Acceptance for Value" method. There are 2 sides Private Freeman Creditors that should be using their signature to offset the Public debt by Acceptance for Value (A4V/AFV)/Return for Value (R4V/RFV) methods [see Mary Croft interview/book on youtube, Winston Shrout, Mark Pytellek, Druanna videos and mp3 in TMA Freeman Forum]. While the Public side create only debt. These are Corporations and Governments (which are corporations as Rob Harris explains so well here and more videos in the playlists info or here look 3/4 down for "Videos: John Harris" 1st video has red back ground then another 3 videos on him after that.) 
Look for Acceptance for Value
NO Money-NO PRICE SYSTEM, NO Politics, NO War, NO Poverty, NO Competition, but instead Cooperation [The Global Elite Cooperated to get to the point they are at now. Which looks like almost total Global control. Maybe we should stop fighting each other under their system for their benefit and cooperate with each other for all of our benefit] an example is shown in the last half of Zeitgeist 2 called "The Venus Project" watch my playlist. If you are interested in joining The Zeitgiest Movement i have links in my channel down the left hand side here
  1. sacrificing the PERSON /Birth Certificate registered the creation of a CORPORATE Identity in ALL CAPS (but not always) also known as STRAWMAN/CITIZEN/LEGAL FICTION: Vic Beck, John Harris
    This Robert Menard says is your Country Corporation (ie Commonwealth of Canada and Australia and States and councils, US, UK are all corporations also shown by John Harris) Employee #:Robert Menard
  3. LEARNING HOW TO OPERATE YOUR PERSON/CORPORATION AS A CORPORATION and cancel the debt and claim back all back pocket expenses for 3 years [receipts needed] and up to 10 years with Loans/Mortgages: Patrick Devine's radio Talkshoe here (need sign in 2minutes 1st time) also has a yahoo group here.[Beware Ralph has just criticized Patrick here listen on 2010-01-13 at 56min and 2010-01-27 after 1hr39m<1hr53m and another good friend is very suspect of him. My friend asked him what a 1040v was for and Patrick Devine did not know. My friend then asked for success stories and Patrick Devine made my mate seem like an idiot for asking him.]
    Winston Shrout [US], Mark Pytellek[Australia], Creditors in [US], Druanna [US], JustPlayMan [US]